Mentis Technologies is a Cyber Security company focused on preventing viruses and all forms of malware from infecting your computer through internet browsers while at the same time completely protecting your privacy.


Mentis’ has developed Web Isolation Technology (WIT) software that can run on the cloud, inside on your business’ IT servers, and on our specially designed mobile hardware platform. WIT was born from technology researched at the United States Air Force Research Labs.

At Mentis we believe that antivirus is no longer a viable solution to protecting computers for several reasons.  First, antivirus relies on a database of known viruses, comparing files on your computer to the ‘signatures’ of viruses.  It’s like looking for a fugitive by searching through a fingerprint database.  Problem is. if the perpetrator’s fingerprints aren’t in the database you won’t find a match and you won’t be able to id him.  The same is true for the virus database approach.  Secondly, new viruses and re-engineered old viruses are created every day making it necessary to worry about keeping your virus database updated constantly.  And finally, new unknown viruses (called “zero day” attacks) obviously are not in the database and can easily slip through undetected.

Recently, the antivirus program itself has become a convenient attack surface.  Hackers have been able to hijack the antivirus program giving them complete control of your computer due to the high level computer privileges antivirus programs have.

Mentis Technologies’ solutions are a break from the old methods of preventing virus infections and represent a new state-of-the-art approach.