Hardware Solutions

Introducing WIT-h a hardware solution for our Web Isolation Technology that travels “WITh” you.

For those times when you are out of the office using your company device or your personal device and still need the protection of WIT, you can employ our hardware solution.  The WIT rendering engine has been re-designed to run on our wifi enabled WIT-h hardware that interfaces directly to your device through a standard USB port.

WIT is designed to run as two separate applications that, together, provide unparalleled malware security and identity protection.  As with the server solution, there is a rendering engine running on the WIT-h hardware and a browser extension running in the background of your device’s browser.

When a request, such as clicking on a link, is received by the rendering engine, the engine retrieves the page and renders a benign version within the WIT-h hardware before it passes it on to your browser.

The benign page sent to the browser contains no scripts.  All adware and tracking cookies are kept within WIT-h allowing your identity to remain hidden.  Once you close your browser, your session on the rendering engine is terminated and all history, cookies, adware, etc.. is discarded.

The second piece of WIT is built as an extension that is added to your browser.  This extension interacts with the rendering engine on the remote server and is used to retrieve the benign page instead of receiving the page unfiltered from the internet.  The extension works in the background and runs will little to no degradation in web browsing performance.

WIT – Hardware Solution coming soon: