Is your information on the dark web?

Infradrip is an information broker

Infradrip has many uses for different customers. Primarily, Infradrip’s goal is to keep customers informed of any compromising information that may be unknown to them which can present security concerns. What if one of your employees information was leaked in a sensitive dataset such as Ashley Madison’s, and that information was being used to blackmail them?
What if an employee’s password that was leaked in the LinkedIn dataset, is the same password used to access critical internal infrastructure? There are many other use cases, particularly for law enforcement and government agencies, to gather information on bad actors. Or to scour the [dark]web for illegal content. Regardless of your use case, we aim to offer a suite of tools to help accomplish your goals.

We do the work for you:

We do the hard work of scouring the internet for leaked content and dark websites, so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

InfraDrip Provides the User Interface:

  • Requiring no previous background in security.
  • Allows for quick searches across various leak, paste, and darknet data sets.
  • Keeps your searches private by only searching on data that we have already stored.
  • Lets you setup alerts on your domain names, email address, and other PII.
  • Can be executed within CyQ Defense or standalone.

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