Brian Abbe: Founder of Mentis Technologies.  He started the company while on the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program offered by the Air Force Research Labs.  He has worked at AFRL since January of 2013 holding positions as Program Manager, Branch Chief, and Head of the Technology Transfer Office. Prior to AFRL,Vice President and General Manager of Ephesus Lighting.  A nano-technology start-up that engineered and manufactured a new generation of high performance LED lighting. Ephesus Lighting was purchased by Eaton Corporation in October 2015. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Brian held positions at Lockheed Martin and Syracuse Research Corp as a Functional Manager, Program Manager, and Technical Lead. Brian received his MSEE from Syracuse University in 1998.  Recently awarded patent US 9,481,459 while working for AFRL.




Frank Born: Program manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome NY for 31 years, retired in 2016. Holds four patents addressing aircraft wiring prognostics and web browser security with additional patents pending for deep page malware detection, browser security enhancements, and software access control technology. Technical degrees are in both Mechanical Engineering a Physics.








Dr. White: Worked extensively with government agencies in the product management and marketing of multiple systems such as: Cyber Operations for Optical Networks (CyOON) a GOTS product for optical network vulnerability testing, an optical Bandpass Filter which is  commercially available, SecureWebViewer a joint AFRL and private industry tool which resulted in 4 patents and is available in both GOTS and COTS forms. In addition he holds 3 x US patents, is a co-inventor on 2 x AFRL held patents, and 3 x provisional patents. Dr. White was  personally selected by DHS to work as an advisor to the OISF to  determine government commercial use viability of Suricata an open source intrusion detection engine.